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The sources set out below can guide you in engagement through letter writing, lobbying and providing testimony on bills under committee consideration during the period when the General Assembly is in session.

League of Women Voters Missouri Legislative Bulletin

Perhaps the most important source is the weekly LWVMO Legislative Bulletin, which is published every Sunday evening and emailed to every league member in the state. You receive this in your email by virtue of your League membership and it is comprehensive, containing not only timely information but also specific Calls to Action. These Bulletins can also be found at


There are also several organizations in Missouri that share LWV held positions, and which prepare timely legislative updates during the MO Legislative session.  These reports contain information such as

  • bill summaries,

  • the League’s (or sponsoring organization’s) position (opposed/support, and why),

  • dates of upcoming legislative committee hearings,

  • links to house committee hearings (for which written testimony can be submitted online)

  • links to the members of the committees who need to be contacted about a particular bill.



Missouri Jobs with Justice 

This organization focuses on workers’ rights economic justice health care and preserving Democracy. Together with MOVPC, see below, it provides up-to-date information on pending legislation and is an excellent source for timely action alerts:


Missouri Voter Protection Coalition (MOVPC)

This is the nonpartisan voting rights table focusing on Policy Advocacy, including policy analysis; Legal Advocacy, including engagement of the legal system to protect voters’ rights; Education and engagement; and election protection at the election polls: .


See also the MOVPC Legislative Tracker 2024 tracking proposed legislation affecting the initiative petition, restoration of voting rights to felons who have completed prison sentences, and protection of election officials and poll workers, among others. It is the go-to resource when you need accurate up-to-date information, such as before you contact your Missouri representative or senator:


Missourians for Constitutional Freedom (reproductive rights):

This organization believes Missourians deserve a voice in their health care decisions; that patients and their doctors should decide what’s right for their unique situation, not politicians. This is a source to contact to help with the initiative petition signature gathering related to reproductive rights:

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